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White Star Medical's website has now been rebuilt from scratch, the menu runs down the left hand side and has been rethought to make it quicker and easier to use. Non javascript users will automatically get a menu. Some of the features from the old website have been kept but updated or altered, some of the new content does require Javascript and CSS (Stylesheets) to work properly. For maximum usability Cookies is required (for more on Cookie use see Privacy Policy).

There is an automatic feature which will announce what's new on this website, it only tells you once (unless you reset it) and only offers you details on the updates you haven't already been told about.

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Latest Additions

Here are the latest additions and changes to the website

10th August 2009
From Friday lunchtime to Monday morning we will be overhauling our website, and the website will be unavailable for extended periods during this time. When it returns bookmarks will need to be updated.

5th August 2008
New menu installed. This new menu should be more cross browser compatiable and faster. You may need to refresh your browser (normally F5 Key) to use it.

5th August 2008
White Star Medical takes child protection very seriously and as such has added updated labelling from the International Content Rating Assocation (ICRA). All the website content is suitable for children but some of the photographs include photographs of injuries both moulage and actual injuries.

4th August 2008
A new footer added to all pages and the Scroller Box has been replaced by static iinformation box (subject to available space).

16th July 2008
An interview has been added with Sarah, a Nurse on the event cover team.

26th June 2008
A Records Book of records set within the company has been added to the About Page. Information, banners and buttons have been added to the site for those who wish to have a Link Exchange with White Star Medical. Some of the team went to AMBEX, the international ambulance and pre hospital exhibition in Harrogate, Yorkshire. The Links page has some of their favourite stands and companies included.

12th June 2008
A Sitemap has been added to the site, including bookmark links.

New Website Launched

Below is more details on some of the highlights that have been included in the new website launch.

The CRATE (Computerised Risk Assessment Tool for Events)

Click here to go direct to The CRATE.

Custom made inhouse by White Star Medical The CRATE is one of the best online risk assesment tools for planning public event first aid or medical cover available. Version 1.0 was used in the White Star Medical office as part of the process of preparing quotes for customers. When the new website was planned, it was upgraded and adapted to share with customers.

You use simple drop down menu options and tick boxes to tell The CRATE about your event and it will suggest what level of first aid or medical staff is required. As you add more detail or change your mind the level of cover changes instantly.

Loosely based around the tables in Chapter 20 of The Health & Safety Executive Event Safety Guide (also called The Purple Book) but adapted to include recent developments and make it much simpler to use.

The CRATE uses cookies (if available) to remember what you've told it, so you can change details when you need to. It'll keep your details for a year after you last used it. If you need the details in a more readable form, open The Quickpad select an option and all the information is laid out in an easy to read format (for more about QuickPad see below). If you want someone to see what The CRATE is showing exactly as you are, you can send them a raw data string which the other person can input and they see exactly what you do.

Once your happy you can go to the Contact Form select a checkbox and all the information is transfered across ready for you to send off for your FREE, no obligation quote.

More details about the CRATE are available in The CRATE Help tab.

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The QuickPad

Click here to go direct to Quickpad.

The QuickPad is a simple notepad that saves the text onto a cookie allowing you to keep your notes until you visit again, transfer Risk Assesment Details in from The CRATE and output all the text into the contact form.

For more details on The Quickpad see the Help Tab in The QuickPad.

The Scroller Box

Visitors with Javascript enabled browsers will see a small box under the menu, this is the scroller and will show random box facts, on this day medical discoveries happened, dates pioneers were born and died and such like.

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The Colour Scheme Changer

Click here to go direct to The Colour Scheme Changer.

Primarily designed for those who are dyslexic or have issues with certain colours eg: colour blindness. (You may of course just not like our normal green layout). This allows you to switch to another colour scheme on the website, your choice of scheme is remembered for a year after you leave using Cookies. The Menu and The Scrollbox are disabled while changing the colour scheme but there is a button which will return you to the original page (unless document referrer is blocked by browser and then you will be returned to the index page).

Staff including those with knowledge of dyslexia put a lot thought into the colour schemes offered so that as many people as possible would be able to benefit. If there is a colour scheme you feel would benefit visitors (especially those with Dyslexia/Colour Blindness or similiar) please contact White Star Medical.

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The Bookshop

Click here to go direct to The Bookshop.

This has useful books for those with an interest in studying first aid, emergency medicine, teaching and such like. Every book has been reviewed by at least one member of staff.

We've also included some books by those who have written about experiences from the frontline of medicine. Some are by our favourite bloggers (like Tom Reynolds - Random Acts of Reality or Stuart Gray - Paramedic Diary). They have the same theme as the study books and have reviews from staff.

The bookshop links all books where possible to Amazon.co.uk. All proceeds from this are used for staff who want books as part of their Personal Development Plan that aren't readily available through the existing company library. This may be a book to help them learn BSL (British Sign Language) or another language, learn a new computer language or use some computer software. All staff have to do is show some benefit to WSM or it's customers. This allows the staff to develop a diverse range of skills without having to worry the accountant.

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