Meet the Staff (July 08,Webby interviews Sarah, a nurse)

In July Webby sat down with Sarah, a nurse who joined the events team this spring, during a break at a recent charity event and asked some questions. Click here to read start of the interview...

Sarah's ID

Webby: I can imagine. Elliott's postcard still hasn't arrived from Morroco and that was years ago! I still haven't got a postcard from Poland from anyone!
Sarah: See dodgy foreign post services, told you. *laughs*
Webby: So why join White Star Medical?
Sarah: I've recently qualified so I wanted to widen my skills in dealing with incidents outside of the hospital and it all sounded fun.
Webby: Good reasons. How's your training going with White Star medical?
Sarah: Really well, I'm almost through my probationary period and ready for all the training I can get.
Webby: Any chance of recruiting some more nice nurses who like geeks and working at events?
Sarah: Hee hee, I'll try.
Webby: Any career plans or ambitions?
Sarah: I want to widen my skills, especially prehospital. I've already put my name down for blue light driving and further training to go on the Poland school trips. I'm also hoping to go for team leader training.
Webby: You realise you're the second Nurse at White Star Medical who's a Sarah W?
Sarah: Yeah the other one is Clive's daughter, she works with children and babies.
Webby: Yeah. Sarah Wilson's Fiance's sister is also a Nurse and is a Sarah W, she hasn't joined White Star Medical yet!
Sarah: Didn't you know us Nurse Sarah W's are taking over the world one at a time!
Webby: Mmm that's a scary thought. Did you enjoy the rowing?
Sarah: It was great, a few casualties, nothing major. A chance to work on my tan. I had a sunburnt nose.
Webby: Is that why you were called Rudolph!! That may be the newbie curse at rowing. The previous rowing event was two patients with mild hypothermia, but it was in November.
Sarah: Yeah, that would have been good for the CPD file. By the way love the new website.
Webby: Thanks nice to be appreciated. I'll be launching more bits soon including a gallery.
Sarah: Great but please no embarrasing photos of me!
Webby: I'll try. Is there some out there?
Sarah: One or two! It's not my fault!
Webby: I'll have to have a look in the unsorted pictures folder.
Sarah: Make sure no embarrasing ones make it onto the new gallery!
Webby: Would I?
Sarah: Yes! I really, really like the website *grins*
Webby: Mmmm. To keep with tradition, let's finish with a joke?
Sarah: ******************
Webby: Very funny but so rude I can't use that on the website, I'm shocked!
Sarah: Ha ha, sorry, I don't know any clean jokes!
Webby: Right then, thanks for the interview.
Sarah: You're welcome.